50 million UK consumers have 7 Million Tablets in 25 million households.

Deloitte have this week in their research on mobile consumption deduced that around 15% of us own or have access to a tablet and this equates to about 7 million devices. From the 2011 census figures we have estimated that there are over 50 million1 >14 year olds and over 25 million1 households in the UK.

Tablets Smartphones
Own/Access to more than one 1 in 8 1 in 4
Apps download per month (#) 4 2
Spend on apps per month (£) 2.50 0.75
Usage - Personal 83%
Business 2%
Work & personal 15%
Connected - Info search 64%
News/Sports sites 54%
Social networking 51%
Unconnected - Gaming 60%
Reading 45%
Films/TV 41%
Music 40%
Source: Deloitte research on Mobile Consumption habits 
July 2012

On multiple device ownership Deloitte’s comment “It took several decades for one household to have more than one car, telephone line, radio, or television and ten years for a similar landmark to be reached in the computing and mobile phone markets” Arguably tablets, certainly in volume, were introduced by Apple in the second quarter of 2010 ie 2 years ago.

Deloitte’s don’t foresee an imminent “post-PC era” because in their view “Tablets are optimised for viewing and occasionally reviewing; in general they lack the processing power and user interface required for creating content”.“Tablets are a “goldilocks” device positioned between more powerful, but less portable, and less durable computers, and more pocketable, but far smaller smartphones”.

Their research shows reduced laptop usage by 29% of tablet owning resondents and 20% now reckon to use them “hardly at all”.

The increased apps spend on tablets has been noted elsewhere and there are no surprises on the personal/business usage figures.

The Unconnected usage is, we think, worth monitoring but a time split would be a useful addition as personally we use ours “hardly at all” if it is unconnected.

Nice to see some UK only research!

It will be interesting to see how the second quarter tablet sales have gone when Apple announce their results next week on Tuesday (July 24) followed no doubt soon thereafter by the various analysts/forecasters with their worldwide sales/shipment figures. Whilst both Microsoft and Google announced their future offerings in the quarter no shipments were made by them so Apple Samsung amazon plus the rest will continue to be the constituents of quarter 2 sales. These are likely well in excess of our average estimates for quarter 1 of around 20 million. Apple will still have 60%-65% of these shipments we guess.

Deloitte’s UK research was conducted by YouGov, based on a survey written by Deloitte, on 9-11th May 2012 with 2060 respondents.

1 I.co.uk deduced the UK population aged over 14 years from the 2011 Census figures for England Wales and Northern Ireland with an estimate for Scotland as they are not due to publish the equivalent figures until December this year. Our actual estimate came to 51,863k! Similarly the 25 million households we estimated at 26.4 million.

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