Are you a household in a thousand with 10 IED’s?

Ofcom today published its mammoth (411 pages) ninth annual Communications Market report (CMR).

Many of the headlines (tracking its press release)  are of a “UK is texting more than talking” nature but we will, by and large, restrict ourselves to commenting on the Internet and associated elements which inevitably encompass Telecoms and increasingly TV’s.

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The Internet Section introduction is, we felt, neatly concise “The internet is at the heart of how many people communicate, find information and seek entertainment”. We might have substituted “most” or “a majority of” for ” many” but well put!

At an overview level the timeline of  “take up” of Internet/web activities is summarised in Ofcom’s first figure in the Internet section (we have added tablet ownership as we see this as being of huge significance).

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Now back to our headline!

Ofcom have converted IED’s from Improvised Explosive Device to Internet Enabled Devices and they have done some research on 10 of these. In ownership terms Laptops are top & SmartTVs at number 10.

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Their, slightly crowded, figure of numbers by household shows that 15% of households have no such devices 14% one 15% two etc etc down to 0.1% with the full 10 – hence the one in a thousand.

We (personally at my household) are in the 5 bracket so we believe we are in a one in 4 category re households!





Much to peruse at your leisure in this report.  Ofcom’s comprehensive site content for their report includes a download page where you can choose from (on a rough count) 85 different pdf’s.

We believe the Internet related Sections are primarily:

  • Internet & Web Based Content (pdf)
  • TV & Audio-visual (pdf)
  • Telecoms and Networks (pdf)

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