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British Gas have just announced the forthcoming introduction of their (not terribly impressively named) Remote Heating Control system.

As with your AGA you can now control your home heating from anywhere in the world!

The set up is a hub (mains connection required) hard wired to your existing broadband connection a thermostat and a boiler receiver.

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Then of course there’s the inevitable app (iOS & Android).






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On the system dashboard you then “programme” your system to suit your needs and you can of course override this at any time. It also (from your postcode details) accesses local weather information. The system has been developed in conjunction with AlertMe.

Simple (weekday & weekend) schedules or advanced (daily) can be set up. It won’t let your house freeze either.

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Cost wise it looks as if it’s a one off £199 if you’re a customer & have an appropriate boiler.

Most details are on the Remote Heating Control section of their site. Their sticker price of £149 applies if you buy a new Central Heating System from them at the same time hmmmmm! It’s in the small print at the bottom!



“[1] Our prices for Remote Heating Control are:

  • £199 for those customers with existing British Gas Energy or British Gas Services accounts.
  • £229 for customers who are new to British Gas. Please call the number above (0800 975 8100) for more information.
  • A price of £149 is available when Remote Heating Control is installed as part of a new Central Heating Installation from British Gas.

They claim it could save you up to £140 per annum.

The introduction has been generally welcomed by “Energy savers” with USwitch for example saying “This innovative tool provides them with the means to make substantial savings and will suit those who live a particularly hectic lifestyle” but they have some reservations “However, with a hefty installation fee – £199 for customers not getting a new boiler fitted – it’s not going to pay for itself for over a year so people need to be sure that they will engage with the new system before stumping up the cost. It will also only suit those with a mobile phone or computer and it won’t be of benefit to those who are planning to move house in the next year as it will remain fixed to a household boiler.”

As far as we’re concerned it looks sensible & not unreasonably priced although we are not looking forward to having a separate hub for every controllable device in the home – universal hub required – maybe AlertMe have one!

The system was of course trialed & here’s a rather informative (and amusing) video from a trialer WDINT – (Why do I need that)!


If you prefer the blander British Gas promo video here you are!

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