Adam – A Sector Smart Car

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Vauxhall have today released further information about their City/Urban, sort of mini (or supermini in their terminology), car that is due to be “….unveiled at this year’s Paris Motorshow, before appearing in UK showrooms early in 2013.”

It used to be called Junior until Vauxhall did a, somewhat odd, comic strip press release renaming it to Adam (pdf).

There’s some information in the Adam section of Vauxhalls site  including a microsite  which is sort of noisy & flashy, but low on detail!

Now for the Smart bits announced today:

  •  An “infotainment system designed to support new media sources, including Bluetooth, as well as connectivity for smartphones with Android or Apple iOS software”
  • “.. access to internet-based applications, including GPS navigation”
  • “Seven-inch, full-colour touch screen display” with ” access to a variety of on-board controls.”
  • Advanced Park Assist II system

As we have mentioned before we think this is definitely the way forward in terms of in-car infotainment ie screen connection via smartphones. The as yet unnamed system (how about Eve – we’re sure there’s an appropriate mnemonic lurking around – in the comments please!) is reckoned to be good news by Autocar and they think that the cost could be less than £300 for the top of the range version with a basic music from smartphone only version being standard.

Their parking system words claim “Drivers engage the system with a button on the dashboard and it tells them when they reach a parking space large enough to accommodate the car. The system then automatically steers them into the parking space, with the driver only needing to control the brake, clutch and gears. APA II uses ultrasonic sensors to work its magic, and always comes in combination with Side Blind Spot Alert (SBSA).”

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For those of you who want more details including some of the basics this is their understated (!) press release VAUXHALL’S ADAM BREAKS MOULD – OVER A MILLION TIMES!

If you just want a few pictures in easy to view format we suggest going to MSN Cars

NB A-Sector car 

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