The iRobot roomba 790 for £799

We couldn’t resist highlighting this very Smart floor/vacuum cleaning robot made by iRobot® and incorporating iAdapt™ “… Responsive Cleaning Technology”

iRobot’s product description includes the following:

“The iRobot® Roomba® 790, the premium vacuum cleaning robot removes up to 98%* of dirt, dust and pet hair – on its own – at the touch of a button. Using iAdapt™ Responsive Cleaning Technology, the robot thoroughly vacuums the entire floor, including the hard-to-reach spots under and around furniture. Roomba is easy to use; just press the “Clean” button and let the robot do the dirty work.” (the Digital site owned by Dow Jones publishers of the Wall Street Journal) have a comprehensive review of the device as well as comments on some of its US competition . The article and the video below are virtually identical, content wise, so you can make your choice!

The US price is $700, likely excluding sales taxes typically around 6%, so the £799 is pretty hefty on a $ to £ conversion basis. As an aside we preordered last week a Google nexus7 at £158 which includes VAT so the comparative conversion rate to the US price of $199 is excellent!

We were going to express concern (domestically) about dog hair as we house at least one large beast and the dirt container looked, how shall we say, not overlarge but we discovered this glowing review describing their new house guest as the “Vacuum Ninja” so our fears are tempered!

The iRobot  company is also interesting (originally founded by 3 ex Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  associates).  They include a fairly extensive section on their own “history” on site.

Here’s the video and if you want a sort of, unboxing, rather lengthy, Russian one there you go!


  1. We have 3 puppies, like them a lot. But puppies hair are good for health, on the other hand vacuum floor cleaner can only clean the floor. For that reason i collect Roomba vacuum cleaner. Really iRobot Roomba is just awesome as cleaner. Its cleaning performance is very much automatic and excellent. It has strong battery life and flexible remote control that helps me to operate it and round body shape can easily fit under sofa, wall, bed, table and etc. Most importantly its brush picks up dirt, dust, debris and even pet hair from the floor. So, my suggestion for room cleaner user, buy Roomba and have fun.

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