Dot-UK registrations in decline

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Nominet have  published (a couple of days later than usual) their June registration details and, they are significantly lower than last months and may just be in a longer term decline. June 2012 dot-uk new registrations
Jun ’12 Qtr 2 ’12 Growth Growth Growth May ’12 Qtr 1 ’12 Jun ’11
   #    # prior mth prior qtr yr-on-yr    #     #   #
* Adjusted 165.1 514.0 -7.0% 1.0% -8.8% 177.6 509.0 181.1
Unadjusted 160.9 501.4 -8.1% -9.9% -8.8% 175.1 556.6 176.5
2012 to date
* Adjusted 1,023.0 n/a n/a n/a -2.2% n/a n/a 1,046.0
Unadjusted 1,058.0 n/a n/a n/a -2.4% n/a n/a 1,083.9
Sources: Nominet /
*For seasonality – experimental statistics


The *adjusted registrations show a decrease of 7% on last month and 8.8% on June 2011. They are up by 1% on the previous quarter. Cumulatively, again on an adjusted basis, they show a decrease of  2.2% which is a reduction  of 1.4% on last month when they were down by 0.8%.

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Total domains on their register are 10,153,840 (10.134,295) which on a countback basis comes to 65.0 (64.8) months new registrations.

The comparative unadjusted graph is included again as is the moving annual total  which is down by 15.6k on last month and at 2.05 million is at its lowest since November 2010.

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Our forecast of over 2 million for the year looks increasingly at risk.

The Nominet marketing campaign and the 10 year registration abilities have had no impact and it would appear that neither the “Diamond Jubilee” nor London 2012  fervour have had any positive influences.

We couldn’t help but notice that re yesterdays launch both the Shard London site and the TheViewfromtheShard are dot-coms. The dot-uk version for The-Shard feeds into the main site and whilst doesn’t its likely the same or an associated registrant as the registration dates and the servers are the same. being patriotic would never of course even consider using – even if it became available or in the rather unlikely event of us ever being able to acquire it!


  1. names says:

    hi there.
    don’t forget June 2012 has more public holidays than previous years due to Royal events, so number of business days was much less, hence a contributing factor to possible decline.

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