The Shard’s Sellar hard sell

Updated UPDATE 11pm BST – Here’s we think the first unofficial video The official version is here but they seem to be keeping it to themselves! (It’s been taken down unfortunately). There is also this SKY News link for their version!

UPDATE 10.30pm BST – Quite spectacular but rather short! They promise a video on demand shortly & we will at least link to it once available. Pending its arrival here’s a link to SKY NEWS’s  video

UPDATE 10pm BST – From 10.15pm BST to view the livestream of the  Inauguration Laser Display at THE SHARD London CLICK HERE

The latest addition to the London skyline, The Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe, receives its official inauguration tonight at 10.10/15pm BST with what promises to be a spectacular laser show augmented by live music (London Philharmonic) from messrs Copland (Common Man) and Stravinsky (Firebird). The event is being streamed live and you can watch it on their inauguration (countdown) page

Links to the show are also available from Twitter  and Facebook   Their preferred/official hashtag is #TheShardLondon

Rather than repeat all the structural details we shall refer you to Wikipedia’s entry Shard London Bridge.  You can even discuss whether it should be simply renamed The Shard.

This is where you can enjoy spectascular 360º panoramic views. There are also a couple of webcams but they are not, in our view, particularly exciting although a sunset might change our opinion!

From early next year (February) it will be possible to visit the viewing platform and enjoy what we are sure will be a unique perspective of London. Tickets are available from “The view from The Shard” website from tomorrow at 9am BST. There has been a bit of chuntering about the pricing  (£24.95 adult £18.95 child) but we’re not sure (apart from the 95p element) if this is valid.

Many years ago we recall going up to the John Hancock Tower Observatory (now known as 360º Chicago) in Chicago and experiencing the incredible views over Lake Michigan. We can’t remember the then cost but now it’s $15 & $10 (+ sales taxes of 6%) for an adult/child.

OK so maybe £25 is a bit much – after our detailed research we recommend £15 & £10.

We will leave you with a (slightly historic) promotional video of the building.

We will aim to tweet a reminder circa 10pm BST re the inauguration.

The above London Evening Standard photograph was taken at last night’s rehearsal for the laser show..

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