European Women’s most popular sites

Per comScore whilst we in the UK, continue to, top the European League for the length of time spent online (May 2012 39.1 hours) not one of the top 10 destinations most visited by females was a UK founded organisation.

France lead the way with 3 in the top 10 followed by the US with 2 and France Holland Luxembourg Russia and Sweden having one each

The sites in order of popularity are (initial links are to Wikipedia where available followed by their site):

  1. Tumblr  -
  2. Otto Group –
  3. Groupon -
  4. Mail
  5. PPR -
  6. Spilgames -
  9. Illiad free -
  10. largardere -

As far as the domains are concerned there are 8 dot-com’s and two country codes one French and one from Russia.

From a quick look back at the new gTLD applications to ICANN we can’t see applications for any of the above top 10 although there are generic applications for Free (5) and Mail (7) . amazon, Donuts and Google have all applied for both It wouldn’t surprise us if objections were made against these VERY general applications!

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