A Locker in-store to be as popular as a hole-in-the-wall?

amazon are rolling out their UK locker delivery service to several more Co-operative stores in London and elsewhere around the UK.

They initially trialled it in their home town of Seattle with it subsequently spreading to New York and  London..

Their lockers they say   “provides you with a self-service delivery location to pick up your amazon.co.uk parcels.”

Looking at the amazon service in particular in the London area there seem to be the  following 4 types of location:

  • Shopping centres /Malls
  • Co-operative & other in-store facilities
  • Open locations like train and bus stations
  • A Library (Shepherds Bush)

The London shopping centres include Brent Cross, Lewisham, O2 Centre Mall, Southside & West 12. The opening times will link to those of the particular Mall but are in general extended at least into the early evening & in some cases the end of it!







The London Cooperative shops include  Chelsea (SW10) Greenwich (SE10) Parsons Green (SW6) and Poplar (E14). Photo is of Chelsea by Bryan Reynolds of Kantor Retail IQ. Shop hours apply but on weekdays are generally from before 9am until after 6pm




The open locations we identified (normally with 24 hour collections) are in Hammersmith Broadway, New Street Square &  Thomas Moore Square

The video is of Hammersmith Broadway.

amazon as ever have a detailed run over of the system and you can search by various means (post code landmark etc) to find your nearest location.

On a convenience basis the 24 hour variety could be available we hope in future in at least one location in all 66 of the official cities in the UK in the not too distant future..

At present London Manchester and Cheshire seem to have the widest coverage but we have a feeling they will multiply very rapidly, in particular the in store variety as they will likely attract additional casual customers.

So perhaps amazon lockers will be “good for everyone” at Co-operative stores!

We note that the Co-operative already, sort of, has its own gTLD .coop!


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