Google make it a Trillion dollar Tablet war with their nexus 7

7.30pm BST update  -  Google did announce the Nexus 7 today at their I/O Conference and it can be ordered they say from the Google Play store almost immediately for $199 and shipments start in mid-July to the USA Canada the UK (wicked) and Australia. It comes with a $25 credit for the Google Play store & some free content. Once it appears on the store we’ll post a link. Its here!

The UK price is £159 (we think VAT has to be added)! The credit is £15 – very reasonable UK/US pricing. If you want to proceed off you go!

We were wrong about the Ice Cream Sandwich version of android, it uses version android 4.1 Jelly Bean otherwise the rumours were pretty accurate.


The livestream of the Conference is here!.

Here’s their promotional video


Original post -  Google is widely rumoured to be introducing it’s own tablet at their I/O (Input/Output) Conference today.

So in market capitalisation terms (alphabetical order) the participants will now be:

cap. $ billion
amazon   100
Apple   535
Google   185
Microsoft   250
Total 1,070
Source rounded
info. 27 June 2012

We find it quite remarkable that the world’s largest, online retailer, internet search engine operator and software corporation have all chosen to directly compete in a specific hardware market already dominated by the worlds largest consumer electronics company!

Moving on to Google’s rumoured announcement, if we believe what we read, it will be a 7 inch tablet called Google Nexus (or Nexus 7) based on an Asus design manufactured by Quanta with pricing from $199 and shipments starting almost immediately. The android operating system version it will run on is likely Ice Cream Sandwich 4.1, rather than Jelly Bean 5.0.

Branding and naming practices between the companies are clearly different with really only Microsoft hiding it’s primary brand. We, of course, are huge “I” fans and therefore cannot fault Apple’s product naming polices!  Nexus (if  correct) is already in use by Google with Samsung on the mobile side and here’s a taster of their promo video


If the rumours are reasonably accurate then the secrecy regimes at Apple amazon and Microsoft v’s Google are also noteworthy. Product pricing and availability details will interest v’s Microsoft Surface.

The likely announcement venue of Google’s is their I/O (Developers) Conference in San Francisco  which starts at 9.30 am PDT which is 5.30pm BST.

They are doing some livestreaming of the event which we will carry here. The Keynote speech is scheduled for 9.30 PDT but their countdown indicates a 7.45pm BST time which confuses us which is 5.30pm BST (everyone seems to be in synch now)! Clarification communicated via twitter@ 4pm BST. Promoted to the 7.30pm update above.

Here’s the relevant I/O Live link where you can “ Stream the I/O experience through your browser, tablet, or phone.” whichever of the trillion $ constituent corporations have directly or indirectly supplied you with your device(s)!

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