Information – It’s a numbers game ($1.1 trillion & 2.2 zettabytes)

Symantec  have just released their State of Information 2012 Survey (pdf) which reports on worldwide digital information across over 4,500 global organisations in 38 countries among companies with 5 to more than 5,000 employees.

They reckon “ Tesco, in essence this British retail giant is harnessing the power of data analytics in order to help put the “I” back in Information Technology”. They believe “Businesses need to develop an “information-centric” model that helps address problems such as information sprawl, lost data and the high cost of storage.”

  • There’s lots of it! 2.2 zettabytes they estimate in “ …data centers, desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, backup systems and archives”. They help you visualise this by saying that “ …. if 10 kilobytes of text fills a sheet of paper, the stacked sheets would stand as tall as 1,287 Empire State Buildings, or 374 miles”. The average organisation stores roughly 100,000 terrabytes of information and this is forecast to increase by 67% over the next year!
  •  and it’s high maintenance!
    Worldwide spend on Information
    $ billion
    Access 117
    Compliance 295
    Storage 309
    Security 324
    Total 1,045
    Symantec State of Information Survey 2012
  •  But very valuable with respondents reckoning thst it represents 49% of an organisations total value and its loss would be catastrophic, in customer, brand, expense and revenue terms.
  • But they found it’s not being protected and 42% is duplicate!

So these are their five recommendations on how to get that “I” back into your IT:

  1. Focus on the Information, (not the device or data center)
  2. Not all Information is Equal
  3. Be Efficient
  4. Consistency is Key
  5. Stay Agile

The obvious one, to us, to prioritise, is that duplication figure, so were off to deduplicate!

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