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It is becoming quite clear, as technology continues to advance and phones continue to evolve, that there are literally thousands of different reasons for people to enjoy and benefit from smart mobile devices. Obviously, these devices have combined the convenience of mobile phones with Internet capability, but there are almost endless features and apps that add additional utility and intrigue to modern mobile devices. For example, people can now do everything from download their favourite music, to search through Internet videos, and even take professional quality photographs all via the use of different popular apps and features. And it seems like the providers of mobile phones are just getting started, when you consider some of the newer and even more amazing features available on a brand new device like the Samsung Galaxy S III from O2.

Here are a few words on some of these features.

•           Direct Call – Probably the most exciting and popular of the Galaxy S III’s brand new features, Direct Call represents a unique ability among smart phones. Essentially, what this feature does is recognize when you want to call someone on your contacts list. Of course, the phone cannot pick the contact for you, but if you are already on that contact’s page – say, if you are looking for that person’s information, or reading a text from that person – and you simply raise the phone to your ear, the phone automatically calls that person. This can be extremely convenient in a number of situations.

•          Smart Stay – The Smart Stay features also offers added convenience while demonstrating impressive use of technology. This feature causes your mobile device to actually recognize eye contact, which can save you the problem of your phone going dim, or going to sleep, while you are in the middle of reading something on it. So long as you keep your eyes on the phone’s screen, it will stay brightly lit for you, as it knows that you are looking at it. This is the definition of a “smart” mobile feature.

•           Pop-Up Play – Built to enhance your ability to multitask with your mobile phone, the Pop-Up Play feature allows you to text or surf the Internet while watching a video on another portion of your screen. Previously, video content has tended to dissuade other activity, as you typically need to close the video in order to text or type. With this feature, you can literally do just about any two things at the same time with your mobile device, which is a very convenient development.

Take a look at this short Galaxy S III video.

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