Not only Windows but also Microsoft may be on-the-go!

Microsoft have trailed a “major announcement” for June 18 at 3.30pm in Los Angeles  PDT that’s 11.30pm BST.

The actual invitation wording per Forbes  is:

 “You are invited to an exclusive Microsoft media event in Los Angeles, California on Monday, June 18th. Doors open at 3:30 PM.

This is an invitation only event and you are allowed to register up to one additional guest from your publication. All guests must be registered by replying below.

Additional information regarding the specific venue, address and parking information will be sent via e-mail to registered attendees on Monday morning, June 18th, no later than 10:00 AM.

This is a non-transferrable invitation, however, if you would like to send your local colleague in your place, please submit that name and it will be reviewed. If you would like to bring a photographer please register that person as your additional guest. Please note – still photography and video will be limited.

  All attendees must be registered with exact names and done so in advance, no later than Sunday, June 17th at 10:00 AM, Pacific. You will be responsible for securing your travel and lodging.

  Registration will be first come, first served.

 To confirm your registration and to register a guest, please respond to the below e-mail address with name, phone number, e-mail address and outlet affiliation.

 This will be a major Microsoft announcement – you will not want to miss it.”

Whilst we previously wondered if Windows might be dropped (as a name) from their mobile operating system rumours now abound that they’re about to launch their own bit of hardware to rival or kill Apple’s iPad!

They also are again rumoured to be just about to buy Yammer the business/enterprise social network  for around $1 billion but we think this will likely lead to a formal press release by Microsoft later today which we will link to. Nothing on their News center yet

So on the basis that Mondays announcement is product related and is a tablet we think its most unlikely that they would choose to do or organise all the “manufacturing stuff” themselves so a subcontract arrangement could be a possibility.

Gartner thinks they could get up to 12% of the market (by operating system) in 2016 from a standing start this year. Would their own tablet improve this possibility or not! We tend to think that it’s a bit “new product new market” syndrome and it could disrupt their historic and current hardware “partners” such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo etc etc.

The tablet market is still powering ahead and IDC have just increased their estimates for both this and future years. They say re 2012 that they expect “ …..a huge marketing blitz from Microsoft around Windows 8 to drive increased consumer interest in the category through the end of the year.”

Rather bizarrely, we think, their forecasts exclude Windows tablets. They say “IDC is not currently forecasting Windows 8 or Windows RT tablets in its Media Tablet Tracker (they appear in the PC Tracker forecast). However, beginning next quarter, IDC will institute several taxonomy changes that will bring all tablet slates, regardless of OS or processor type, into the Media Tablet Tracker.

“We’re looking forward to rolling the Windows-based tablets into our tablet forecast in order to give customers a complete view of tablet slates all in one place,” Mainelli commented. “Our current thinking, based upon early pricing expectations for these products, is that Windows-based tablets will be largely additive to our existing media tablet market forecast. We don’t expect Windows-based tablets to necessarily take share from Apple and Android, but will grow the overall tablet market.”

Hmmm – Anyway here’s their forecast from our favourite chart company.


Chart: Worldwide Media Tablet Shipments Split by OS Historical and Forecast* 2010 – 2016 (Units in Millions) Description: Tags: Author: IDCcharts powered by iCharts


As a final thought as Nokia appear to be in some difficulty why doesn’t Microsoft make another little acquisition!

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