We CANN reveal (& you can watch live from 1pm) 1,409 new gTLD names

Today is the “reveal” day for  ICANN’s (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) new gTLD applications.

Update 4pm BST Here is our list of, we think all, the 1,311 Latin Script names (we apologise for the omission of the non-latin script names) which ICANN are now processing. We reckon there were 13 applicants for App, 11 for Inc and Home and 10 for Art. The interesting shortlist we have drawn up is WTF, OOO and XYZ. Our panel after much deliberation has chosen WTF as the winner.

The winner of the greatest number of applications is as we thought Donuts Inc who seem to have succeeded (application wise) with 304 (pdf) 0f their 307! We again apologise for the non appearance of non-latin script re the last 4 names. Pleased to see they have WTF! In second place seems to be Google with almost 100 names which is almost double what was being rumoured.

We will try & link later on to the ICANN video of their event and may return to the applicants and non applicants in a further post after due deliberation.

Update 7.45pm BST- No sign of the video yet but there’s an audio recording on ICANN’s site and most of their links are given at the end of their general press release.

Update 1.15pm BST – Here’s the complete list pdf of applicants. The main internet/technology players are there eg Apple (but no iPad, iPhone & iPod), Amazon, Google, Microsoft,  Intel etc but no twitter facebook or Linkedin – we note that Inc has 11 applicants! ITV is also there surprise surprise! An initial look puts WTF on our shortlist of ahem …… interesting names applied for!

The ICANN press conference is taking place in London at Kings Place,  with registration & some refreshments from midday and the real thing starting at 1pm. All appear to be welcome (pdf).

It is being livestreamed & you should be able to watch it here from 1pm BST today.

ICANN Reveal Day: New gTLDs and What’s Next from ICANN and ICANN on FORA.tv
They have already issued today an Overview/teaser which confirms that just over the already reported 1,900  applications (in fact 1,930 after refunds) have been received but they point out that “There are 230 domain names for which at least two applications were submitted, involving a total of 751 applications.” So if they were all validated and went to auction 521 (751-230) would be eliminated hence our 1,409 figure (1,930-521).

Other highlights from the release (pdf) are:

  • 66 Geographic name applications
  • 116 non latin script applications
  • 911 applications came from North America.
  • 675 from Europe.
  • 303 applications are from the Asia-Pacific region.
  • 24 are from Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • 17 from Africa

On our travels the greatest number of names applied for by one organisation was 307 by Donuts Inc

After the event we will report back with some of the more interesting names & applications and also some of the notable non applicants!.

You can possibly get twitter  & facebook  updates from ICANN

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