Tablet prices fall as 10% of owners consume video/TV daily

IMS research according to recently released figures from their quarterly tablet PC tracker, note that  “ tablet ASPs (average selling prices) have declined by 21 percent in a single year to $386 in the first quarter of 2012.”

Using our trusty old calculator we reckon that this means that the price back in quarter 1 last year was about $488.

IMS go on to say “The decline in price reflects intense competition in the tablet PC market. With the release of the new iPad, Apple reduced the entry price of the iPad 2 to $399. This lower price has meant greater price pressure on its rivals, forcing them also to reduce price to make their products competitive.”

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With Apple having such a dominant market share we thought we’d have a look at their comparable figures. In the last quarter Apple sold 11.8 million units with associated revenues of $6.6 billion giving an average price of $559 which was 7.5% down on a year ago (price in Q1 2011 was $604) and 14.6% down on Q2 of 2011 when it was $654. (We should point out that Apple figures “includes revenue from sales of iPad, iPad services, and Apple-branded and third-party iPad accessories.”  Pragmatically we doubt that these “add-ons” are more than a fairly small number of $’s per unit).

If as we previously estimated  the worldwide market in the last quarter was shipments/sales of circa 18.9 million units then that implies that IMS’s figures maybe a bit on the low side (or that IDC & Canalys have underestimated the market).

On the Apple front this is their WWDC week with zillions of rumours in circulation about possible announcements the most popular of which is the likelihood of significant new product introductions to their Mac ranges. Possibly the best sites to monitor apart from Apple itself and/or their associated press releases  are Macrumors and Apple Insider.




On the tablet content consumption front comScore TabLens™ in the US have ascertained that nearly 10% of tablet owners watch video/TV nearly once a day with this moving up to over 50% when a month is the timeframe.

As we recently acquired  a 7 inch tablet we can confirm that we are in the 10% figure and find it difficult to understand why anyone isn’t!

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