Broadband broadband everywhere, but it’s not all superfast!

Scotland gets a further £32 million from the Treasury  as part of the Government’s  overall policy of “… delivering the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015, with 90 per cent of the UK receiving superfast broadband and everyone else to have access to standard broadband with a speed of at least 2Mbps”

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The first two London tube stations (Kings Cross and Warren Street), courtesy of Virgin Media’s WIFI service, are now online and Oxford Circus plus Green Park are due to follow today with Victoria and Euston scheduled for tomorrow. The subsequent roll out through July to a total of over 80 stations is as per Virgin’s table.   welcomed this programme together with BT’s plan for half a million hotspots across the city but have voiced some reservations. “… we’ll have to wait to see how average downloads speeds will fare during rush hour, and also the Olympics, when hundreds of people are on the platform and logging on at the same time.” “After the Olympics, the free service won’t be so widely available. It may be that many of those who get used to the service will have to look at changing their broadband or mobile provider, or pay to continue enjoying the benefits. All that remains to be seen is how much it will cost those not on Virgin Media after the summer.”

Nominet have nominated  Tim Snape of SouthWest Internet CIC as one of the candidates for an award for outstanding contributions to the UK internet in the last 12 months as the  “ …. network services some 400 customers with typical speeds of 5Mbps on download and 7Mbps on upload. It is an invaluable infrastructure that has enabled rural business in tourism, agriculture, food production, information technology, specialist consultants in many fields and a host of other entrepreneurs to thrive.”

We, you may recall, greatly admired the B4RN  project  which we hope will be up for this award in 2013. It seems to be proceeding apace and they have a new rather interesting sponsorship facility that you may wish to consider (we’re off to join up!) as well as some  further progress updates!

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Broadband speed comparisons/test

Via B4RN we came across this comparative testing tool from Fibre to the Home (FTTH)  Council Europe. It’s almost intuitive but just in case!

1 If you don’t know your connection download/upload speeds go to somewhere like to get them.

2 Enter these from the drop-down menu’s for Download/Upload just under “My Connection

3 We suggest checking just the 200 photos -= 600MB in the Select one section (to save time)

4 Hit start & go and make a cup of tea/coffee

5 Review results

The graphic is taken partway through a test.

B4RN claim their speeds will be as good as if not better than FTTH advanced. The Governments via  – ” BDUK (Broadband Delivery UK – a unit within the Department for Culture Media & Studies) has defined Superfast Broadband as having a potential headline access speed of greater than 24Mbps, with no upper limit.


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