No recovery in dot-UK registrations in May as new gTLD applications near 2,000

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Nominet  have just published their May registration details and, whilst there is some improvement on last month we see few signs of any recovery. May 2012 dot-uk new registrations
# – Thousands
May ’12 Growth Growth April ’12 May ’11
    # prior mth yr-on-yr     #     #
* Adjusted 177.6 3.7% 0.6% 171.3 176.6
Unadjusted 175.1 5.9% 0.6% 165.4 174.1
2012 to date
* Adjusted 857.8 n/a -0.8% n/a 864.9
Unadjusted 897.1 n/a -1.1% n/a 907.3
Sources: Nominet /
*For seasonality – experimental statistics

The *adjusted registrations show an increase of 3.7% in the month and 0.6% compared to last year. Cumulatively, again on an adjusted basis, they are now 0.8% down which is a slight reduction on last month when they were down by 1.1%.

Total domains on their register are 10,134,295 (10.089,480) which on a countback basis comes to 64.8 (64.9) months new registrations.

Nominet have amended their historic figures after we pointed out that they didn’t quite add up and have been reduced by 10 and 11 domains in March and April respectively. There are marginal 0.1 amendments to a couple of historic figures which we have now incorporated.

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The comparative unadjusted graph is included again as is the moving annual total which is virtually flat compared to last month.

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Our forecast remains at over 2 million for the year but we fear it might be less.

May was the first month when dot-uk registrations can be made for multiple years up to 10 and also Nominet launched their marketing campaign but so far these seem to have had little impact on activity which is most disappointing.

In the longer term the new gTLD applications being processed by ICANN (some 1,900 + per their press release) can only adversely impact all country code TLD’s including dot-uk. ICANN have a “Reveal day Target” of 13 June and we will comment further at that time on the likely winners and possible losers.

At this very “British” time we couldn’t help but notice that the main “Diamond Jubilee” official website doesn’t have a dot-uk domain and a brief analysis of the British Royal links from the Official Website of the British Monarchy shows that 3 of the 11 ie over 25% of the domains are NOT dot-uk domains. One would have thought that in such circumstances Nominet could have …ahem “persuaded” certain registrants to relinquish the required domains appropriately!!

*Seasonality adjustment – As with the Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) qualification, our figures are (very) experimental – “Experimental statistics are those which are in the testing phase and are not yet fully developed. The main reason why the statistics are designated as experimental is that the methods and data sources are still being improved”. We would in our case likely go further with our caveats!

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