The Value of the British Monarchy

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Brand Finance in the Jubilee edition of their Journal calculate a brand  value of over £44bn for the monarchy (they also include much generally interesting information on lineage etc etc in their pdf).

In another release, again with a “British” theme they value  the most Valuable Brands of British Origin with Vodafone, HSBC & Shell taking the top 3 spots.

We note that even Vodafone comes nowhere near “The Monarchy”. Our detailed work on the Monarchy front comes up with an incalculable result!

Reverting to the weekends activities here are “The best bits” from yesterdays River Pageant

And a link  to information about the 4,000+ beacons which will be lit during the day (or in fact mainly tonight from 10pm BST ish). At 7pm BST the site appeared to be a bit overloaded! This link is to the main Diamond Jubilee website section giving general information about the beacon events being held throughout the UK  & beyond.

Update 8pm BST – Copy from the Diamond Jubilee Beacons website of the UK Beacon lighting schedule as the site seems to be under a certain amount of pressure!

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