The Tabletop tablet

Increasingly, we believe, they are likely to become more popular in casual dining outlets.

The reasons why are primarily increased revenues and reduced costs both helping the bottom line:

  • Many suppliers boast food revenue increases of over 10%
  • and some, drinks/wine increases up to 25%.
  • There can also be “background” advertising revenue income
  • The number of waiters/waitresses (or the unisex servers) can be reduced.

We really can see it replacing/enhancing POS to a great extent in certain markets.

For an interactive trial we suggest you go over to Ziosk who have an excellent tour of their product.  They claim around 100+ locations existing and planned throughout the US.

Another vendor Ela Carte  with its own 7″  tablet called Presto ( love the name but possibly a missing “S”)  boast over 600 restaurants in  20 US states and 7 countries with over 20,000 Pressto’s. They have a couple of US chains signed up Pizzeria Venti and Umami Burger.




With an international flavour eMenu claims over 1200 locations and some well known customers such as Planet Hollywood  (London) TGIF (East Europe) Hilton and the Fine Burger Co.

 eTab are yet another vendor, with not only an interesting name, but also their own tablet and system which integrates with existing POS systems. It so far is the only one we’ve come across with a generally portrait positioned tablet ….hmmmm.










There are no doubt many other vendors out there who we haven’t mentioned but we did rather like the “social” angle to Trivnets latest video.

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Virtually all of them have payment facilities to swipe cards and get an emailed receipt. We are sure there will be many who have or will soon acquire the M2M ability of simply waving your smartphone at them.Until then certain outlets could always simply invest in the latest Cashbox from the Happy Owl Studio which we rather liked





We have no commercial relationships with any of the companies referenced in this article.

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