“It is my oxygen….” Tim Cook on and of Apple

Tim Cook was interviewed by Walt Mossberg  & Kara Swisher  both Technology Corespondents for The Wall Street Journal on stage last night at the AllThingsD D10 conference.

There are a series of videos  from which we’ve selected 3. Whilst the highlights video is lengthy (17 minutes) they are all, in our view, well worth watching.

If you prefer the written word there is a, sort of, transcript over at  AllThingsD .

The key points we believed noteworthy were:

  • iPad loved by Consumers, Business, Education and by all ages. The Tablet doesn’t come with the encumbrances/baggage of a PC
  • He learnt a lot from Steve Jobs “focus is key”  “joy isn’t a journey” “life is fragile” “Steve was an original. I don’t think there’s another one being made” his 180º turns/flip-flops were an art form.
  • Patent wars are “a pain in the arse” Patent system is broken in standards-essential area.
  • Apple TV sold 2.8 million last year but already have sold 2.7 million this year.
  • Siri – “Customers love it” “Lot of people working on it” “Siri as a feature has moved into the mainstream”
  • On large acquisitions “I wouldn’t rule it out. We’re not looking at a big one right now, but I wouldn’t rule it out.”
  • Companies can get lost, he says, focusing on revenue, profit or stock price.“ You have to focus on the things that lead to those,”

Video 1 - Highlights iPad Apple TV Steve Jobs Patents +

Video 2 -  Steve Jobs was an awesome flip-flopper!

Video 3 – Apple & Facebook  “stay tuned” & possible acquisitions and Apple practice

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