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Headstream  The Social Brand Agency have just published their Social Brands 100 rankings (pdf – reduced file) with its own dedicated website

Innocent comes out on top with the first Technology brand at #11 for HTC.

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Their methodology comprises two elements/scores. One for Data & one from a Panel of ten human beings! The Data Score is based on these 19 observable markers.

The human beings are from Headstream, Brandwatch, Twitter, Google, Brand Republic, IAB, PwC, IPA (Digital), YouTube and



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Some interesting/noteworthy outcomes include:


Their Brand classifications shows the following outcome by numbers of brands:

1= Charity (17)

1= Travel & Luxury (17)

3    FMCG (14)

4    Technology (12)

5    Retail (8)

6=  Media (7)

6=  Telecom (7)

8= Financial Services (4)

8= Services (4)

10= Entertainment (3)

10= Fashion and Beauty (3)

12= Automotive (2)

12= Manufactured Goods (2)

An interesting, and different, brand view & they’re  having a social gathering as well! “At 4pm today (May 29th) a launch event in London will bring together the Social Brands 100 to discuss the ranking, and what makes a brand social.”

Follow them and it @SocialBrands100  #SB100

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