iTotal control of everything everywhere

AGA Rangemaster  have recently added an “i”  to their Total Control range of cookers.

It enables distance control, theoretically, from anywhere in the world via a dedicated website  where you register, after purchase, and thereafter forever stay iTotal Control.

Further product detail from AGA

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Apps (free) are available both from iTunes & Google play. Searching for AGA TC seems the easiest bet

Effectively a router (see pic) is connected to the cooker and a sim card from everything everywhere   slots in to the router to receive all your instructions. This uses their M2M Management Platform.

And the cost well for a 12 month contract the everything everywhere sim is a mere £5.95 a month but unfortunately the cooker will set you back just over a five figure sum!

It also cropped up last week at the Chelsea Flower Show per the World according to Lady AGA!





And a very lucky lady won one at Cheltenham.


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