The Worlds first Wikipedia town is Monmouth

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They are having a sort of inaugural day this coming Saturday ie May 19.

It boasts free wifi throughout and over 1000 QR codes around town to scan by smartphone and then link to Wikipedia information in whatever language the phone’s  set to. Here’s your starter!

Wikipedia’s words are “Monmouth is the world’s first Wikipedia town. MonmouthpediA aims to cover every single notable place, person, artefact, flora, fauna and other things in Monmouth in as many languages as possible. MonmouthpediA belongs to and can be contributed to by everyone. It involves people from all around the world collaborating to share their knowledge through text, photos video and audio Wikipedia gives our work a global audience. We are the first town in Wales to have free and open wifi available to everyone. We use QRpedia codes around the town to give people easy access to content in their own language.

Location of QRpedia codes around the town

  • Larger ceramic plaques for places exposed to the elements for articles specific to Monmouth.
  • Ceramic plaques on finger posts to give maps, trails and other information
  • Smaller plastic, ceramic or metal plaques for labeling objects non specific to Monmouth, e.g. for use in the Flora and Fauna guide.
  • Labels for use inside buildings, e.g. for objects in museums.
  • Glass stickers in the windows of shops to give information on their professions
  • In addition there will be information posters, signs, notice boards and leaflets to help people contribute and stay informed”.

Here’s their explanatory video:


& here’s A visitors guide

If you are thinking of visiting & are coming from the south then we recommend driving up the Wye Valley as we think its rather impressive.

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