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Gartner  have just released their first quarter worldwide smartphone and mobile sales to end users estimates.

They say  “Samsung took back the world’s No. 1 smartphone position from Apple, selling 38 million smartphones worldwide. In addition, Samsung’s Android-based smartphone sales in the first quarter of 2012 represented more than 40 percent of Android-based smartphone sales worldwide; no other vendors achieved more than a 10 percent share of the market.” They estimate Apple sales as 33,1 million although Apple reported them as3 5.1  in their quarters results..

Re Quarter 4 of 2011  we reckoned it was “too close to call”  with just possibly Samsung being pipped at the post .

Re this last quarter both IDC   and Strategy Analytics  have Samsung ahead with only IHS iSuppli provisionally showing Apple in the lead. Getting out our old reliable calculator we reckon that a horrible average of the 4 has Samsung at 39.2 million v’s Apples 34.6 million.

A very valid point highlighted by Gartner is their dominance of the smartphone market. with “ … Apple and Samsung, raising their combined share to 49.3 percent, up from 29.3 percent in the first quarter of 2011 …”

On the SmartTV front Strategy Analytics   have done a survey in the US, France, Germany, Italy and the UK  and discovered “ …that nearly half of existing iPhone users would be very or somewhat likely to buy an Apple iTV soon after its launch” . They equate the time frame to year one.

Using our spreadsheet in preference to our tried and trusted calculator this time:

Cumulative US & Europe Potential Potential
to Q1 2012 sales  six year one TV’s year one TV’s
millions(mn)   months ended units mn Revenues $mn
  March 31 2012 at $1.000
iPhone unit sales 218.1
% total 59.6% 130.0
Retirals & other 15.0% -19.5
Nearly half 48.0%
Possible TV sales 53.0 53,035


WOW! So this might mean 53 million unit TV sales in year 1 and revenues of $53 billion taking account of the lower price preference whereby “ ….35 percent of surveyed US consumers indicate willingness to pay $1000 or more for an Apple-branded TV, only 14 percent would be willing to pay any more than $1600.”

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So let’s have a few reality checks.

  • Apple per last quarters worldwide mobile sales from Gartner  has about 8% of the total market. Lets optimistically say the TV market in a year or 2 might be 275 million pa. hmm down to 20 million ish
  • The iPhone has been around since 2007. In its first year (4 quarters) a little over 5 million units were sold.
  • The iPad Apple’s quickest growing product introduction per Tim Cook  achieved sales of 19.5 million in the first 4 quarters

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Our complete guess would be that anything over 10 million units in year one would be exceptional. Price wise we will be surprised if it is not nearer $1,500 than $1,000 although $1,249 is a possible!

We shall see!

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