How Small Business Grapples with Digitalia!

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“The BaseKit  small business report: Digital Dinosaurs – How UK small businesses are grappling with new technology” has recently been published (+pdf).

Firstly their background statistics: Latest info* (2011) “shows there are 1,141,950 private enterprises with between 1 and 49 employees in the UK responsible for 7 million people and turning over £864 million a year.”

So macro level figures by us:

  • The UK has over 1 million small businesses with 7 million employees generating sales of nearly £1 billion a year – that’s a lot!

From their survey (carried out by Opinium Research LLP)  in April 2012 they have discovered that 60% of the businesses have yet to get online – that is also a lot ie nearly 700,000.

Now for the Q & A’s in their survey of 510 small businesses. The main questions and graphical results are shown above with the response detail below.

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The starter question asking a small business owner/senior manager to describe their website is, we think, equivalent to asking someone what their driving is like either in their car, or on the golf course! Its unusual that they will admit to it being less than adequate and in this survey a modest minority of 5% thought theirs was perfect with 64% giving it the adequate rating!

The marketing channel usage also caught our attention both on the positive and negative fronts. 36% using Facebook 17% Twitter and 20% other Online is quite impressive but we are surprised that 27% are still using the likes of Yellow Pages and Thompsons although we suppose it’s virtually human nature to keep going with a historic source and actually stopping it is almost deemed to be a negative. The reality of course is that it should be discontinued unless it is palpably cost effective.

As the retail online sector continues to grow, we reckon at approaching a CAGR of 26% per annum and online advertising now likely exceeding all TV advertising its imperative we think that the “… backbone of the UK economy” not only  ALL join the digital revolution but also overcome their fears and follow a growth path fuelled by online excellence.

We have no commercial relationships with BaseKit nor experiences of their products or services but we like their “style” (as well as their PR agency Hope & Glory)!

Base Kit say they “ ….used the findings to establish their Learning Centre  an online academy for small businesses to find out all they need to know about running and growing their businesses online”

Worth a look.

(+pdf) We’ve reduced its size. If you require the higher definition version it can be downloaded from BaseKit

*Sourced from the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS)

Here’s their 11 commandments of web design video – you may need to moderate your volume control!

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