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Well to be a little more definitive the  “social action platform that empowers anyone, anywhere to start, join and win campaigns to change the world” or YouTube for social campaigners, has launched an English UK site and has aspirations to make it even more “hyper-local” at the 4 UK countries level and possibly even tending towards postcode recognition.

It says it already has 14 million users, 500,000 of them in the UK and claims to be adding them at the rate of 2 million a month. Even before this UK launch 300 UK petitions a month were already being set up.

Its free and available to all individuals with  “a one size fits all” attitude encouraging both small and large campaigns. Its revenues, said to be, about $15 million (£9m) a year currently, come primarily from sponsored campaigns.

One of its  recent high profile successes involved  a petition signed by over 2.25 million set up by the parents of  Trayvon Martin of Florida who was fatally shot in February this year with initially no criminal proceedings bring undertaken.  Another “victory” was achieved with regards to the demands for the protection of workers in certain Chinese facilities who are suppliers of Apple which achieved over 250k supporters.

The UK set up initially involves four or five people, we believe based in their new London offices. Paul Hilder Vice President of Global Campaigns  (previously of Oxfam) seems to be heading it up together with Brie Rogers Lowery, UK Campaigns Director & John Coventry  Communications Director UK  alongside two campaigners Katherine Segal  and Saira O’Mallie.

The original founder in the US was Ben Rattray  who also figures in Time’s 2012 The 100 most Influential People in the World. Wikipedia as ever have of course information on

A useful UK addition to an already impressive site with a proven track record.

In the absence of an obvious Press Release from the organisation (which we prefer to quote/use) certain of our information has been sourced from The Huffington Post (UK)  the BBC and the Guardian.

The site still says it is sort of beta “Welcome to’s UK English beta site! We will be publicly launching in UK English soon….. “ but we think this has been overtaken by events. If you have gone to the US version – top right English US box has the English UK option (as well as certain other languages/country versions).

There is a blog widget for which we may add to this site at a later date.

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