How many of the FTSE 100 “get it”?

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Radley Yeldar  (RY) “ …. have conducted an in-depth research study which reveals how the FTSE100 are telling their corporate story across different digital channels, how connected that storytelling is and who is doing it well.”

Well here they all are then, the current 102 constituents of the FTSE 100!

This is how RY ranked the top 10 overall across their stated three digital platforms (ie Corporate, Social & Mobile) plus the top 5 in each with links to the main (usually corporate) websites.

Overall Corporate Social Mobile
website Media
Royal Dutch Shell 1 2 1
Unilever 2 3 2
SABMiller 3 4
Kingfisher 4 1 4
Aviva 5 5
Reckitt Benckiser      6= 5 1
Centrica      6=
InterContinental Hotels Group      8= 3
BP      8=
Sainsbury’s      8= 4
RSA Insurance Group 2
Pearson 5


So they reckon only a dozen +1 really “get it” with a further score (that’s 33 in total!) even having a presence across all three channels.

61 have video content with 49 (+16 or 18 on 2011!) having a YouTube channel. 21 have a mobile accessible version of their website but only 17 have a corporate mobile app. In general videos are too long and mobile underutilised.

Compared to last year YR note that now over 50% of those with a twitter presence post almost daily and nearly 70% (55%) post new content on Facebook at least weekly.

From our viewpoint it is the one’s who aren’t mentioned that is almost as important as those that are – surely all the consumer centric companies should score highly eg all supermarkets, banks high street retailers and insurance companies to name but a few who should figure.

Whilst somewhat biased, due to a previous association with the company (back in the early Rose Marie Bravo days!), we think Burberry  does “get it” and are most surprised that they get no mention whatsoever. Their retail site also impresses  and here’s their Brit White collection video for your delectation!

YR Say “The research which was undertaken over a six-week period between January and February 2012 consisted of 160 qualitative and quantitative questions based around five key criteria: story; relevance; timeliness; connectedness and the experience.”

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