The smart money is on a mobile revolution


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Pingdom  reckon that “Mobile now accounts for 10 percent of all Internet usage worldwide, after the rise in demand and ownership of smartphones and tablets saw the proportional use of the mobile Web more than double over the last 18 months.”  They calculate that this has increased from 3.81% in 2010.

This got us thinking about the potential markets for smartphones and tablets and various “off the chart” comments from Apple when in particular referring to China.

At a macro level on a worldwide basis:

Smartphone usage/penetration in 42 countries at around December 2011 has been estimated by Tomi Ahonen using principally Netsize & Google data.

Our header graphic shows the smartphone penetration (smartphones/mobiles) using his and Wikipedia’s information for the 33 countries where we can correlate the data.

These 33 countries, we calculate,  have about two thirds of the worlds population and over 60% of the mobile usage.

The BRIC countries (Brazil Russia India & China) with a total population of just under 3 billion and 2.4 billion mobiles in use have under 200 million smartphones with a penetration level of 6.7%. All the countries are in the bottom quartile. Each of the BRIC countries has a minimum of 200 million mobiles with China and India having a billion each.

The only other countries bar the US with greater than 100 million mobiles in use are Germany Japan and Indonesia. Here in the UK we have circa 76 million and are one of the 23 countries where the mobile usage exceed the population numbers – Hong Kong leads this pack with nearly two mobiles per capita!

So our conclusion is that we are likely to hear many more “off the charts” comments about the BRIC countries in the coming months and years!


  1. Pingdom says:

    We agree, the smart money is on a mobile revolution. Here is our article from which the chart and info came

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