The Obverse Internet Culture

The BBCOnline conclude, after extensive research, that the 90-9-1 principle of the internet (or the 1% rule)  no longer applies and in fact is moving towards the opposite!

Wiki explains  “The 1% rule states that the number of people who create content on the Internet represents approximately 1% (or less) of the people actually viewing that content (for example, for every person who posts on a forum, generally about 99 other people are viewing that forum but not posting).”

The BBC explains  “Participation is now the rule rather than the exception: 77% of the UK online population is now active in some way. This has been driven by the rise of ‘easy participation’: activities which may have once required great effort but now are relatively easy, expected and every day. 60% of the UK online population now participates in this way, from sharing photos to starting a discussion.”

Our bank holiday Monday view is that quite a lot of us use Facebook & Twitter!

Results of the BBCOnline survey pdf

BBC Methodological note: the Participation Choice is a synthesis of primary and secondary research conducted over the past 18 months. The data published today are all taken from the most recent, large scale survey of 7,500 UK adults – representative of the UK online population.

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