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The IPA  have just released their latest TouchPoints4 survey which collects information on how the UK participants spend their time, their opinions, and the role of media in their lives.

We will concentrate on some of the internet/digital findings.

This is how on average they found time was spent:

Hours.minutes spent (per day)
2011 2010
Watching TV 3.30 3.41
Outdoors 2.24 2.17
Listening to the radio 1.54 1.53
Accessing the internet 1.33 1.22
9.21 9.13

So that’s by and large a move away from TV to the internet of 11 minutes or, a net increase, if you see what we mean, of 13.4%.

On the communication front our graphic reflects their findings of increased communication by phone, text and via social media.

The survey expands on this in terms of media weekly usage ascertaining that:

  • 44% used social media networks which is an increase of 7% on last year but they spent the same amount of time on it of just over 6.5 hrs
  • 47% used SMS an increase of 8% and the time increased by 25 minutes to  6.3 hours
  • Mobile phone usage is up by 3% to 60% but the time was down by 5 minutes at 4.4 hours.
  • Email usage stands at 67% up 5% but a reduction of 50 minutes to just over 5 hours occurred.

Media multitasking is widespread with 79% +3%  recorded  as using two or more media in the same half hour.

“Doublescreening” is definitely on the increase across multiple platforms:

  • Just under 50% monthly – Laptop & TV
  • A little over 25% monthly – Mobile & TV

Demographics come into play with the 15-24 year olds moving these figures up to nearly 75% and just over 50% respectively.

By and large the survey shows that the internet is being accessed increasingly by differing devices ie mobiles, tablets and game consoles with on a weekly basis 29% using two, 8% three and 2% 4 or more.

The main internet activities were:

Internet activity
Emailing 19%
General surfing 14%
Social media networking 12%
Working 12%
Watching media 7%

Media watching increased from 2% in 2010 mainly due to increased mainline television consumption.

It obviously is a very detailed survey which gives useful information/statistics, inter alia, on the way the UK digital world is moving.

One final result we can’t resist mentioning is that on a weekly basis the “Doing nothing in particular” activity has increased by 13 minutes this year to nearly one and a half hours!

The survey, conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, questioned 5,567adults aged 15+ through a substantial self-completion questionnaire and an e.diary that collected data every half hour for a week on how they were spending their time, their opinions, and the role of media in their lives.

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