Apple results – 2nd Quarter 2012 (to March 31)

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Updates (April 24):

  1. 9pm BST 4pm EDT 1pm PDT – Apple shares close at $560.28 down $11.42 on the day
  2. 9.30pm BST Headline results Revenues $39.19 billion Earnings per share – Fully diluted $12.30  After hour share price + $24.59 (was already +$1.50 ish pre results)
  3. 10pm BST Updated graphic. Impressive results High iPhone volumes so increased margins. Share price now over $600 in after hours $601.64 + $42 from close.
  4. 10.30pm BST Press release SEC filing Conference call highlights from MacRumours + their take on the results. We’ll link to the Conference call replay and any transcript tomorrow. We rather liked “The new iPad is on fire” comment- How about the new Kindle Fire! After hour share price just under $600 at $597.50.
  5. 11pm BST Conference call ended promptly followed by  “Its so nice to be happy” tune! Shares back above $600 again. Guidance for Quarter 3 is Revenues $38bn & Earnings per share of $8.68.

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Apple is due to announce its 2nd  Quarter 2012 results today after Nasdaq/Wall Street closes. They are usually released some 20-30 minutes after the close.

Their guidance for Q2 was included in their Q1 earnings release  and there have been no updates

Our graphic tries to summarise the conflicting analysis that surrounds these results and adds to it by including our, todays estimate!

We will update the graphic after the results & link to Apples earnings release.

Apple’s shares today were weak and are down $12.70 at $559 at 4.40 pm BST.


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In the meantime here again is Philip Elmer-Dewitt‘s (of Apple 2.0) excellent summary of the numerous analysts views including “the best”. We personally rate Peter Misek of Jefferies so he could be worth watching. Update – he just cut his iPhone forecast to 29 million ish for the quarter! P E-D also points out the disparity between the analysts and guidance this go-round.

Our overall view is that Apple may have much more to come this year in product updates / announcements so this quarter may not be as much of a blockbuster as the last one.

The recent comparative weakness of their shares after an amazing run causes some confusion amongst the commentariat  as well although per the WSJ they still have a heavy buy weighting.

If you want to catch Apple’s conference call commenting on the results the webcast is here. and takes place at 10pm BST 5pm EDT and 2pm PDT.

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