Why Apple needs a TV

Their timeline for disruptive new product introductions has been Q4 2001 the iPod, Q2 2007 the iPhone and then finally the iPad in Q2 of 2010.

Not only to keep up their momentum but also to disrupt, arguably, the remaining “gadget” or device market it needs to introduce its iPanel / iVision /iTV sooner rather than later.

Looking at Pew Internets  “gadget” surveys since 2006 Apple:

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  • with its Mac products has addressed a domestic market where 50-56% on average of adults have a desk/lap top computer  and this percentage has peaked and is in decline.
  • Disrupted the MP3 player market which it largely propelled to just under 47% adult ownership but which is also now in decline.
  • Disrupted the cellphone market adding to its growth where total ownership is tending towards 90%.
  • Disrupting the tablet market which, arguably, may overtake the declining computer market around 2020 or before possibly achieving ownership levels around the 50% level.

To date it’s likely most successful product has been the iPhone which in ownership terms addresses the largest gadget market.

The percent of US homes with a TV are reckoned to be at around the 97% level so it is almost the obvious next market to use its design excellence to address and disrupt.

In a very recent internet survey by KAE & Toluna  it appears that a lot of you, not only in the US but also over here, agree.

They found that:

Apple TV Product appealing & very likely to buy
All consumers 25% 30%
Apple product owners 38% 43%
Sony TV owners 38%
Samsung TV owners 36%
LG TV owners 31%
Trust Apple to produce high quality set
Of potential buyers 59% 62%
Apple ground breaking design used in TV
Of potential buyers 52% 58%
Features of Apple TV
Internet connection 73% 75%
Running Apps 44%
Synched with Apple devices 41% 47%
3D enabled 41%


We shall see!

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