The Two “A’s” dominate Top Retail Search Terms as Sony ebook store launched

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The British Retail Consortium (BRC)  have just published their BRC-Google  Online Retail Monitor for Q1 of 2012.(pdf)

The overall searches show a year on year increase of 11% and, even more strikingly, consistent triple digit growth for mobile/tablet ones throughout the quarter averaging 132%. The mobile/tablet peak day per their graphic occurred on 2 January with significant activity around Mothers day! Weekend traffic also shows spikes.

The most impressive statistic we think is the sheer dominance of the double “A’s” (amazon and Apple. Of the 15 Top Retail Search terms they occupy 1st (Apple – 4) and 2nd (amazon – 3) positions accounting for nearly 50% of ALL the top retail searches. No doubt the new iPad release was a factor in  March but it is at least, most impressive. Arguably there are only 2 other brands subject to searches in the top 15.

We see that Sony have just opened their very own ebook store to (sort of|) compete with amazon & Apple – we wish them luck – we think they may need it!

Whilst on the subject of content we see that amazon recently announced  the opening up of their Appstore to virtually all developers ala Apple and Android. Similar pricing arrangements seem to apply with amazon retaining 30%.

Here’s their promo video:


We hope this may be a precursor to the wider availability of the Kindle Fire – particularly in the UK and we are pleased to see that there is more than one rumour around concerning an end of April launch  . We shall see!

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