UK number 1 in Europe as 24 million watch sport online

Well, to be completely accurate, ComScore report that in February 24.09 million unique visitors from

the UK were found to have visited a sports site. This was the highest number of any European country by a distance, with France coming second with 19.5 million uniques. In other slightly less staggering news they reveal that in Europe as a whole men spent nearly twice as long on sports sites than women and it was more than 2x in the 25-34 age group!

The graphic shows the reach percentages for the top 5 countries ie uniques visiting sports sites / total unique visitors.

We still lead Europe, again by some way, in spending virtually a working week on line a month, being 36.7 hours in February (Turkey is # 2 at 33.9).

As the Indian Premier League cricket T20 series 5 is now well and truly up and running the sub continent is noting a staggering increase in the online views which are up by 56% in the first week. That’s 13.7 million compared with 8.8 last year.

 Television viewing  is down by 12% and a trend is becoming apparent. Some think that, “ the Internet and mobile {may have}‘arrived’ as the ‘second’ TV” with “  Viewers …  not deserting cricket, they’re just watching cricket elsewhere.”

So perhaps India and the sub continent are showing us the future!


For our cricket followers! The Indian main internet site with live coverage  unfortunately cannot be viewed in the UK as ITV4 have the rights until 2014. In addition to their TV live coverage, it can be watched online with them The match today at 3pm features  the Kolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan Royals

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