Start Something, The Power of Our Web

Google are trying to be proactive in getting as many of us as possible to “Start Something”!

If you want to join in simply complete the sentence  “The internet is the power to …….” Using the hashtag #OurWeb. You can use these links.

We don’t fully understand the politics but following the objections to the US Governments Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) Google has an email list of  many millions who they are now trying to mobilise.

Vint Cerf their Chief Internet Evangelist has sent out an email (pdf) asking millions to complete the sentence  “The internet is the power to …….” Using the hashtag #OurWeb.


It certainly seems to be getting some traction on twitter and earlier today we did a quick analysis of 100 responses and these are the first words appearing in the tweets after “power”


Multiple occurrences (67):

Connect (12),  Create (9), Change (8), Find (5), Learn (5), Be (4), Make  (4), Share (4), Give (3), Say (3),  Discover (2), Do (2),  Express (2), Gain (2) & Spread (2).

Singles (33):

Allow, Amuse, Bring, Build, Capture, Communicate, Continue, Control, Convey, Dream, Educate, Empower, Entrepreneurship, Evolve, Feel, Find, Free, Freedom, Have, Help, Improve, Keep, Know, Network, Open, Reach, Research, Show, Transform, Utilise, Vote & Write.

The volumes for the #OurWeb hashtag can be picked up on TopsyLabs or at HashTweeps

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Google’s words are: “You are the web

While the push and pull of business and politics will continue, the lasting and most forceful power on the Internet is you. So stand up and be heard – start a conversation about how the web empowers you, makes you more productive, or just makes you laugh.

This tree reflects a small piece of the value of the web, and how together the Internet has grown into an incredibly powerful force for good in the world. To say that the web has created jobs is an understatement; it’s spurred the development of an entirely new sector and completely remade every industry that came before it.

Thanks to the Internet, we’ve changed the way the world communicates, how we work, and the way we share with one another. Take a look, appreciate what it means, and share your own story.

Let’s start something”



An infographic via with ten predictions for 2020 may also help to get you started!

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