Easter Apple

A couple of bites for the holiday:

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Apple TV rumours from an often reliable source.  Whilst we like to call it iVision Peter Misek of Jeffries & company are going for iPanel and envisage a 2012 launch with 3-5 million shipments this year and a price tag of $1,250. Nice, but with the Pod & Pad syndrome an inevitable shortening to iPan looks likely, which does not have entirely positive vibes!  iPanel.com  is a live site apparently owned/operated by Marchex Sales Inc in Las Vegas, but that of course can change! We’re sticking with iVision (with iPics  for for iVision as the equivalent iTunes ).


Apple Share price ended yesterday at $633.68. (Market capitsalisation circa $590 billion) The next possible millstone milestone before the $1,001 level predicted  is we reckon at around $665  when it will have a market capitalisation of $620 billion. This would be the highest level ever achieved by any company worldwide,  exceeding Microsoft’s transient vale of $618.9 billion intraday on December 30 1999.

Enjoy your Easter!

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