The e-book, the e-reader and the e-reading device

We’re unsure of the etiquette regarding hyphenation and capitalisation on the “e” front but, in this instance, we shall follow PewResearchCenter’s  practice as utilised in today’s excellent publication “The Rise of e-reading” from the Pew Internet and American Life Project (pdf).

  • “The emergence of e-books has disrupted industries and institutions that have enjoyed relatively stable practices, policies, and businesses for decades.”
  • “By the end of 2011, there were widespread reports about the exploding demand for e-books, both for purchases and for borrowing from libraries.”
  • “All this ferment is changing the way many people discover and read books.”
  •  “This is the first comprehensive examination of the reading habits of the general population since e-books have come to prominence.”

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These direct quotes, from their Introduction, accurately define the purpose of the research. ” This report is part of the first phase of that Gates Foundation-funded research: an analysis of the way people read in the digital era – especially the way they read books.”

As we have noted with previous Pew research their transparency is laudable and “The Reading Habits Survey” which form the basis for much of the content, as undertaken by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, is available in its totality!

We’ll let you enjoy the content rather than attempting any précis as although its 68 pages in length we encourage you to peruse it. We actually felt their “Summary of Findings” didn’t really do it justice and possibly going directly to Part 1: Introduction has some merit.

We can’t resist, though, a couple of anecdotal extracts from survey respondents on their reading habits (which the report describe as varying from “the highly practical to the sublime”):

  •  “I am an English teacher, so I read to save my sanity from grading essays.”
  •  “Better than anything electronic.”

The header graphic is a cloud from the “Why people like to read” section.

Device and ownership graphics are also impressive.

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So if over Easter you want to join the digital reading revolution and become an e-bookworm then why not download the pdf to your e-reader or tablet (or PC or etc etc)!

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