Dot Scot is flying on World Whisky Day!

According to several reports one of  ICANN‘s (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) hurdles has been overcome to enable an application for a new gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) to be made for .Scot.

It appears that the acquiescence of the Government for the application exists! Two of the main Scottish broadsheets (The Scotsman and The Herald ) sort of confirm this and the Daily Mail has also contributed!

Nominet are handling we believe the only other two “country” applications from the UK that’s both .Wales and .Cymru. Following our previous post it doesn’t look as if .Eng got off the ground and .Nie seems to have been a non-starter.

The apparent registry Dot Scot Registry  will hopefully be in a good position to finalise everything before ICANN’s  closing date of 12 April  with only a couple of days left to register.

We still wonder if Scotland did achieve independence whether it would revert to .So which we believe might be the only available formal (2 letter) country code which might apply under ICANN’s practices as .sc (Seychelles) .st (Sao Tome and Principe) .sl (Sierra Leone) .sa (Saudi Arabia) .sn (Senegal) and .sd Sudan are already operated by IANA. A practical solution could be simply to redesignate .Scot as the official country code.

Anyway on this momentous day  – the first ever World Whisky Day 27th March 2012 (hopefully comprehensive detail here a little later as the site seems to be down at present! – In the meantime here’s some background) lets all toast .Scot! Slange var!


Update 1pm BST World Whisky Day is now trending worldwide on Twitter so we guess his site may have some traffic volume problems!

Site problem confirmed on his twitter account which you could follow for updates!






Update 7pm BST And as a taster here’s an STV video of the man himself!


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