Apple – the Fourth Generation


As it’s likely to be an Apple (a) day with regards to their media announcement at 1pm GMT concerning their cash balance we thought in the meantime we would simply slice and dice the generations a bite:

  • First generation 1975-1985;  From foundation  until Steve Jobs  departure.

The other main founder Steve Wozniak developed a habit of queuing in line at an Apple store to collect the latest iProduct on its first launch day. Here’s a video of him inline for the new iPad.

  • Second generation 1986 – 1997; – While Steve Jobs is founding NeXT and acquiring Pixar, Apple’s fortunes fluctuate with some successes eg Power Book together with arguably the Golden age of the Mackintosh. There followed  subsequent failures like Performa and the Newton together with experimental non-starters in the consumer products market.
  • Third generation 1997 – 2011; From Steve Job’s return until his retirement as CEO and subsequent passing away. The highly profitable and expansionist years, latterly with dazzling consumer product successes for all the iProducts together with the amazing signature Apple stores.
  •  Fourth generation 2011 – date;  Probably initially the legacy years fed by their product pipeline, but with some commercial financial developments/changes – we shall see.

On the cash balance front, which we shall return to later on (ie from 1pm GMT)  various pundits are forecasting that the announcement may vary from:



We’re sticking with our previous guess of an ongoing dividend payment policy announcement commencing later this year with a payment per share of circa $10.

Yet again we shall see.

We liked the above graph from Asymco  via Appleinsider. One of the more noteworthy elements is the (sort of) maximising of/cap on, the short term securities and cash at circa $25 billion and the subsequent growth of long term securities. Also it highlights that recently the “cash balance” has been growing, on average, at $10 billion a quarter which very roughly would be the cost of the dividend we are predicting! Some analysts/pundits reckon the balance may grow at $20 billion for the next few quarters.

Update 12.20 GMT Pre market trade has shares at new all time high of $600.50 (already up to $602) from Friday close of $585.57 – Not surprising – hoping for greater rises later on ! Watch here on WSJ

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