Apple Shares – the new iPad


We thought you might like a regular update over the next week or three concerning Apples share price movement following the special event last Thursday.

The analyst/commentators you may recall came up with some historical analysis which indicated  price rises up to a new device/iPad going on sale followed by some weakness in the following week after it goes on sale.

So this is how’s it going so far:

  •  Between launch and sale  - Actual1  to date + 2.3%
  • Week before on-sale – Actual2 to date+ 0.6%

So history is repeating itself … at present. We’ll update you next week after the “on-sale” happening!



Actual1   The closing price on 6th March the day prior to the media event was $530.26. At the actual start (10am PST) of the event the price was $535.16. We have used a rounded average of the two of $533 as the “launch” price.

Actual2 The closing price on 8th March was $541.99. We are using this as the start point for the week before on-sale.

The  closing (to date) price on Friday 9th March was $545.17 which incidentally is 1 cent short of the all time closing high achieved on 2nd March.

The on-sale price we will be using is the closing price on 15th March

*Head graphic all rights The Motley Fool

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