Flipping Domains

Verisign (the global registry operator for .com & .net) have just published The Domain Name Industry Brief for quarter 4 of 2011. pdf

At the end of the quarter there were 225 million domain registrations an increase of 2.7% on quarter 3 and a healthy 10.4% greater than quarter 4 of 2010.

It shows .com names at the 100m level and .uk at nearly 10 million as we have previously mentioned.

The top 10 top level domains (TLDs)  are unchanged from quarter 3  1 .com 2  .de (Germany) 3 .net, 4 .uk (United Kingdom), 5 .org, 6 .info, 7  .tk  (Tokelau), 8 .nl (Netherlands), 9 .ru (Russian Federation) and 10 .eu (European Union).

We thought it would be interesting to do a little correlation between this ranking and popularity as measured by visits. Our info comes from The Most Popular Websites on the Internet.

Numerically the most popular TLDs occurring in the top 100 sites are 1 .com 2 .jp (Japan) 3 .ru 4= .uk and.de 6= .org and .br (Brazil) 8= 14 country codes each with 1 site!

There are 67 .coms which include all the usual suspects ie Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter amazon, Linkedin and eBay with the only mini surprises to us in the top 20 being Baidu.com (THE Chinese search engine) at #5  qq.com (Ten cent QQ) at #10 and taobao.com the Chinese ebay equivalent at #14.

The 5 .jp’s again included Yahoo, Google and amazon own country code TLD’s plus  rakuten.co.jp  (THE Japenese internet service company) and   ameblo.jp. (THE Japanese blogging/social network site)

The 4  .ru’s were Google.ru  Yandex.ru (THE Russian search engine) , Mail.ru (Russian email company associated with the Facebook investor Yuri Milner) and odnoklassniki.ru (THE Russian social network)

Our 3 .uk’s were boring old Google and eBay accompanied by our very own institution the British Broadcasting Corporation!

Our German friends simply had Google ebay and amazon – their first commercial site spiegel.de came in at #149

The 2 .org’s were Wikipedia and WordPress

.br’s were google and uol.com.br (Their main web portal)

Of the 14 country codes with 1 site in the top 100 eleven were simply country codes for Google. The remaining interesting ones being:

We understand that the Swedish entry is comparatively recent and was effectively a (rather interesting)  transfer from a .org!

Our blog post title originally related to the apparently increasing usage of the term “flipping” to domains as well as property  but we guess it could equally apply to moving a name from one TLD to another for ahem ……  security reasons!

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