iPad HD Apple TV and Something else!

Apples media event starts at 10 am PST ie 6pm GMT and various other times around the world. We will try and update you as the event unfolds.

Speculation abounds and we will simply relay some of the more, we think relevant, commercial comments we have picked up on.


  • 3 or HD or 2HD. No help on the domain name front with no obvious registrations by Apple or their likely agents Mark Monitor We haven’t done a  trawl on the  trademarks and/or patents front!
  • There is anecdotal evidence  that Apple are receiving exceptional shipment levels from China. Digitimes  are predicting deliveries of iPad 3 touch pads to Apple of 8.5 to 9 million in the quarter which is  surprisingly greater  than the 7.5 – 8 million for iPad 2. Apple’s second financial quarter ends on 31 March & they may be looking to have iPad revenues assisting them to beat their guidance . We think A US launch date next week is possible and it might just be shorter than 9 days from now (historically following iPod iPhone & iPad announcements it has varied from 9-22 days). We hope a UK & rest of the world date follows soon thereafter!

Apple TV

  •  Again anecdotal evidence that this “hobby” product – a precursor to iVision (as we like to call the iTV / iScreen product possibly appearing late this year or early next) is to be upgraded again with an almost immediate launch date

Something else

  •  We are hoping that there will be another major announcement (not just on the periphery where there will no doubt be revelations of numerous supporting product enhancements).


As far as the share price is concerned some of the analysts/commentators have been putting forward possible “tactics” for use around the media event based principally on historic share price movements. Whilst we are sure their calculations are accurate we feel that the recent share price performance could be taken into account. As ever our figures are very approximate!

The share price performance in the month running up to an  iPad media event has been:

  • iPad  Jan  27 2010 – decrease 7%
  • iPad 2 March 2 2011- increase 4%
  • iPad 3/HD March 7 2012 increase 13%

There also of course has been some recent comparative weakness in the price with a drop of 2.7% from its closing high on March 2 of $545.18. The market will be open during their event so we will try & track the initial reactions.

We shall see (but not touch – yet)!

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