Apple media event March 7 2012

ContextShare price at start (1pm ET) $535.16  Real time quote via WSJ

  1. LiveBlogging from the YBCA in San Francisco by one of the many!
  2. Live twitter feed from the event @MacrumorsLive

 iPad sales (units) – Cumulative through December 31 2011 – 55.286 million Quarter 4 2011 15.434 million (that’s 2 a second!)

6pm GMT – 10am PST

We’re off! Adele music pre start!

Tim Cook – it’s a post PC world sold > 172m devices (must be iPhones +iPads)

Siri is your best friend! to be rolled out in Japan over next few weeks.

Phil Schiller

Apple TV upgrade confirmed (still $99 available from 16 March) supporting 1080 p as rumoured

iCloud supports iTunes playlists

iPad – confirms above shipment figures! Its the poster child for the post PC world!

Over 100 tablets came out last year none as good “experience” as iPad

New iPad – until you see it you can’t realise how amazing it is!

High resolution display 2048×1536 retina display New iSight camera (love the name) A5X chip

Picture of Debbie the world’s largest dog shown – we’ll get it later for you!

Supports 4G LTE 3G world ready Personal Wi-Fi hotspot if carrier supported.

Same pricing (US) as iPad 2 ( 4G is $629/$729/$829)  On sale 16 March whopee in US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan.and a week later 25 more countries

Biggest roll out ever they say. Preorders from today.

Software / Developer demo stuff!

Games on iPad shake it to eject fighter pilot +

Namco then Autodesk then Epic Games

Video time iMovie update

(Share price virtually unchanged so far at $533 ish – no New iPad name yet guess its HD)

iPhoto for iPad is also amazing (an awful lot of i’s we should be pleased!)

Randy Ubillos, Chief Architect for Photo and Video Applications

Sunset picture now we’ll try & get that as well!

Features & abilities described available now $4.99 for iPhone & iPad

Another iPad ? video

iPad 2 retained ($399 16gb Wi-Fi)- educational relevance & affordable by schools

Perhaps the new iPad is called the new iPad – bit feeble we think (Don’t think Steve would have gone with that)

TV commercial for iPad being shown

Tim Cook close Lots to look forward to in 2012, “we are just getting started.”

About 7.23pm GMT 11.23 am PST

No Something else and no “One more thing”!


Stock price down about $3 at 7.35pm GMT possibly unchanged at end of event but down say $2 form start of announcement!






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