Can we please fit a (US) square peg in a (UK) round hole?

It’s a bit like amazon’s Kindle Fire!

Square  in North America is  taking over $4 billion  in payments a year but isn’t available over here yet, although 2012 may be the year! One of its founders was Jack Dorsey  of twitter fame  and he’s currently still their CEO. There are numerous articles on the company but we liked this comprehensive one  by Technology Review although it’s a little out of date. Even our very own Richard Branson is both an investor and supporter!

The “basic” service provided by Square is a simplified way for, typically small, businesses to receive credit/debit card payments using mobile devices ie smartphones and tablets. Obviously other organisations can use it and apparently both Obama and Romney’s election campaigns are signed up to assist them in collecting supporters contributions! The simplicity extends to the pricing (North American) which is a flat fee of 2.75% of the value of the transaction. The hardware “Square”, which fits into the device’s audio headphone jack, and the app itself are also both free.

To us the latest potentially exceptionally useful app Square Register could seriously  enable many of the Point of Sale benefits for small – medium sized businesses.



Here’s Squares video:

There are more videos at their Vimeo page

A preview of a report due to be released at the end of the month reflects the increasing iPad usage in business particularly the SME/SMB’s. They state based on a fairly large (1,400) sample that usage has quadrupled in a year to some 34%.

We increasingly recognise the business potential of tablets but are holding our corporate breath until that Square peg fits!.

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