Have Sky Go “… finally cracked it”?

We don’t really think so but they have possibly signposted the future.

Just so we don’t confuse ourselves here are a couple of definitions from Wikipedia

SmartTVs – ie it’s the set, together with some form of internet integration. We will use it to describe future ones as well (a la Smartphones).

Internet TV  Is really the content distributed via the internet.

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Sky Go provide a simple arrangement, even if you’re not an existing contract customer, to have one of their packages on a monthly basis for your smartphone tablet & laptop. (It’s limited to iPhones & iPads at the minute but they say “Later this year we’ll also be adding Android phone and tablet devices.”) We are predicting that this will be available in the future for your smartTV.

As far as THE future smartTV is concerned we will simply quote Steve Jobs as relayed to Walter Isaacson his biographer:

“‘I’d like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use,’ he told me. ‘It would be seamlessly synced with all of your devices and with iCloud.’ No longer would users have to fiddle with complex remotes for DVD players and cable channels. ‘It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it.’

There are plenty of views propounded about what an Apple smartTV might have and Smarthouse have an up to-date summary. Best Buys fairly famously leaked. an allegedly, Apple TV survey, which included mention of the “…convenience .. (of an)… iSight camera”  We loved the name!

Bottom lining it the likely facilities in Apple’s smartTV (plus their unique Xtra excellence) will include audio (2 way) camera and intelligence.

The concept Apple TV’s we’ve seen, and like, are by the idevice mockup artist Guilherme Schasiepen, and, worth waiting for is, his 360º iTV version. There’s also the iScreen as pictured.which is by Frederico Ciccarese.

Allegedly one of the few devices Steve Jobs could live with were Bang and Olufsen ones but they have already linked up with Intel on the smartTV front so it’s unlikely that there will be any  cooperation with Apple!

So what about the content? If one extends the iTunes concept to say iStream (we liked the name but as usual .com is in use!) iPicks then Apple would “cooperate” with broadcasters/networks/cable and offer monthly streaming/broadcasting arrangements by CHANNEL (not packages) for say a range of prices eg:

  •  Free or very little (eg for Public Service Broadcasters etc)
  • $/£ 2.99 (Basic channels eg ITV1,2,3,4  Sky News etc)
  • $/£ 4.99 (Premium channels eg Sky sports 1,2,  Sky Movies Premiere, Showcase etc)

We repeat that charging is per CHANNEL (a la iTunes you only select the one you want to watch/receive).

In addition there would be a simple pay per view facility that could also include elements from a channel eg a Grand Slam or X Factor final.

Apple would of course retain a little margin from the iStream (we must think up a better name!) iPicks revenues and all customer details etc etc!

So we think Sky Go are moving in the right direction!

Update 23 February Forget iStream, we rather like today’s concept of iPicks which we shall use until, ahem, it’s superseded!


  1. Steve cole says:

    It should be sky stay or sky don’t go far , as living in the channel islands and subscribing to hd plus other packages I can happily watch sky go on my computer or iPad till it comes to sport, well the one sport I watch , f1 nice new channel , can legally receive it on my tv but not on sky go as I live outside of the uk . That sucks!

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