Chinese iPad Proview

Apple are having a bit of a trademark spat in China!

The iPAD (“Internet Personal Access Device) is the one on the left! We knew it reminded us of something!

The blurb says “The iPAD of development constructs on the dream of technology founded human spirit. To make use of advance serial products, people can explore the infinite imagination of virtual reality. It is the strong leading trend and nobody can resist the charming of iPAD. The effect on iPAD is over-whelming in the human history. The real internet PC life just started and already indispensable exist in our life.”

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Proview have certainly got an i & even had a range of i Family products:

  • iPAD
  •  iSystem
  •  iTerminal
  •  iWeb,
  • iNote
  •  iPDA
  •  iDVD and
  •  iClient


They don’t though seem to have really comprehended the Think different axiom!


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