Your Tablet Honeymoon

Some useful research (with a very pretty infographic) from Rosetta and some rather interesting business usage by Barclays retail.

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Rosetta  have just released their Tablet Trends Study with this press release and the displayed infographic.

Their research takes account of how usage evolves over time and they make a very valid observation about the honeymoon period (ie the first 1-6 months of ownership). We think this probably applies to most new devices, ie we try & use it for everything initially, or as they put it  we “explore the full range of capabilities” and this is particularly true of a new tablet. Their point is that this is a key time for marketers to focus their promotions and engagement strategies.

Usage locations, we believe, are unremarkable but the preferences section with usage in the maturity phase, ie after 12 months ownership, as between tablet smartphone & PC is insightful. Winners are tablets as an e-reader for books and periodicals, smartphones  for location based services and your PC for browsing the web. Obviously usage is not exclusive with eg email management split fairly evenly between PC and Tablet.

A research finding per their Blog,  not in the infographic, covers tablet purchasing preferences. “A notable 12% of tablets were given as gifts. A higher number of users (21%) purchased tablets at retail websites like or, compared to just 11% who buy directly from the manufacturer’s website. This was interesting because outside of talking to friends, the most likely place users research a tablet is on the manufacturers website (34% of buyers do so).”


Barclays retail COO Shaygan Kheradpir

Barclays propound   a “crawl walk run” process for tablet (or more accurately iPad ) usage by their staff.

The interesting elements to this we think are:

1  The assumed consumer preference to communicate with a person wielding a tablet rather than one hiding behind a monitor (we agree)

2  Instant on functionality – again consumer friendly

3  Camera usage for document capture & transmission

4  Tablets being more secure than PC’s -  hmmm

It does though indicate the possible business usage which may evolve and could apply to eg all retail in store customer service facilities.


  1. Alex says:

    Glad you found this study useful and thank you for sharing!

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