Dot UK registrations up by 9% in January

On an *adjusted (for seasonality) basis new .uk registrations were 176,043 last month an increase on December of  9.3% and 1.3% above January 2011.

Unadjusted they were 190,047  in January an increase year on year also of 1.3% and 49% above December’s 127,409.


  • .co –    179,562
  • .me -      1,765
  • org –      8,600
  • .ltd -           76
  • .plc -            1
  • .net -            3
  • .sch -          40

Total domains on their register Nominet reports as  9,909,835 which on a countback basis represented 64.5 months new registrations. We estimate that the magic figure of 10 million may be reached in March. Still a way to go to catch up with the.coms at now over 100 million!

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For continuity purposes we have included our traditional unadjusted graphic.

In calculating the seasonality indices it became very apparent just how weak the last quarter of 2011 had been. The moving annual total peaked at just over 2.1 million in September and then fell for three consecutive months (the first occurrence in our review period ie since 2005). By December it was down by 1.5%.


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The good news is that this trend has reversed in January with a small increase in the annual total of 2.5k to 2.076 million.

Our guess at this early stage for 2012 registrations is in the 2.04m to 2.1m range with the  possibility of reaching a new all time high.

*Seasonality adjustment – As with the Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) qualification, our figures are (very) experimental – “Experimental statistics are those which are in the testing phase and are not yet fully developed. The main reason why the xxxxxxx are designated as experimental is that the methods and data sources are still being improved”. We would in our case likely go further with our caveats!

Basic data source – Nominet

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