Apple’s iPhone conquers the world again again!

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Two more sets of quarter 4 2011 smartphone shipment estimates recently published by Canalys and IDC. Their estimates, by and large are comparable with the previously reported ones from iSuppi and Strategy Analytics , although we’re sure they would disagree!

We still maintain that it’s “too close to call” between Apple and Samsung due to quarter 4 covering 14 weeks for Apple ie 98 days whereas the rest of the world attributes 92 days to the months of October November and December.

Also slightly disappointed that, as far as we can see  no one has repeated our calculation that 4 iPhones a second were sold by Apple in quarter 4. We did actually suggest it directly to Apple but they’re obviously too modest to use such information!

Nice graph from IDC but would be improved, we think, by omitting the ubiquitous “Others”!


  1. Friv says:

    I am waiting for iphone 6

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