Did Kindle Fire propel amazon to over $50 billion sales?

Kindle Fire shipment forecasts for quarter 4 of 2011 have varied from  3.9 to 4 to 5 and now even 6 million.  Our view has been around 4.5 million.

amazon announce their annual results tomorrow after Wall Street closes.

Their sales in the first three quarters total $30.75bn. Their guidance, given with the last quarters results, back in October, was a range from $16.45-$18.65bn for the holiday quarter. For the year that comes to $47.2 – $49.4bn. The market consensus seems to be $48.85bn.

Some research has suggested that the average content purchases per Kindle Fire are about $136.

So a calculation of 2011 revenues might be Q 3 cumulative sales $30.75 + top end amazon guidance $18.65 plus say 2 million extra Kindle Fires & content @ $335 ( $199+$136) is $0.67 which all totals $50.07bn.

It’s just possible!

NB Likely amazon may not divulge the number of Kindle Fires shipped/sold or  they possibly may mix it up with their other Kindles.

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